CNCAssembly® Videos

Introduction to CNCAssembly®


RSM Technology®

CNCAssembly® Platform Actuator Assembly Configuration 2-Part


CNCAssembly® Platform Actuator Assembly Configuration 3-Part, with bi-directional assembly


CNCAssembly® Universal Platform Assembling a 5-Part Connector


CNCAssembly® Linear Transport Engine




Legacy Videos from 1995 to 2012

Examples of conventional automation built by Transformix that pre-date the development of CNCAssembly®


Continuous Motion Technology: 6-piece Connector Assembly

Continuous Motion Technology: Dispensing Valve @ 200 ppm

Pallet Based Indexing Motion Technology: IV Set Assembly 

Dial Based Indexing Motion Technology: 6-Part Medical Device


Tube & Pipe Automation: Processing of Stainless Steel Tubes