Cosmetics Packaging Manufacturing

For many industries, modern trends drive product demand. This is a fact of business that those involved in cosmetics manufacturing know all too well. The beauty and cosmetics industry demands innovative cosmetic packaging and, as a result, is bound by dual responsibilities:

  1. Design products that speak to the tastes of today’s consumer, then quickly produce them before the demand is satisfied
  2. Anticipate each trend’s inevitable expiration by preparing to develop products reflective of the new yet-to-be-determined trend.

The contemporary assembly systems that cosmetics manufacturers typically utilize make these responsibilities difficult to shoulder. Most plants implement a basic assembly solution that is designed to manufacture just one single product at one single speed. This process is crippling for the beauty sector because production flexibility is necessary in order to produce the wide variety of cosmetics and innovative cosmetics packaging that consumers have come to expect. Furthermore, high volume output is essential in order to meet and fulfill demands before other competitors or before trends change once again. Transformix has spent over twenty years questioning the status quo and has turned those questions into engineering innovations to deliver an automated assembly system that revolutionizes small part production.  

To respond to the manufacturing demands that the cosmetics industry and similar sectors face, Transformix patented ground-breaking CNCAssembly® technology. This technology incorporates both high-speed assembly and flexible manufacturing. A successor to the antiquated continuous motion and indexing production systems that generally consists of multiple complex rotary dials or dozens of pneumatic slow-moving mechanisms, CNCAssembly® allows manufactures to move into the world of true high-speed and flexible assembly.  CNCAssembly’s® feature a quick-change tooling capability that enables one station to perform a wide spectrum of duties in the production process. It is also versatile enough to handle the marketing department’s future product variants. The unique flexibility even makes it possible to perform quick changeovers on tooling on the machines, so they can produce entirely new products without effort. Our Rapid Speed Matching® (RSM) smart technology ensures every phase of the manufacturing process remains in sync with each other, allowing for intelligent, 24/7 motion of the assembly line—no machine sits dormant, waiting for its turn; every component is utilized in full to allow for maximum product output. Our technology is ideal for cosmetic packaging manufacturing. It can produce a wide variety of products, including:

  • Lipstick Tubes
  • Compacts
  • Makeup Pallets
  • Nail Polish Bottles
  • Mascara Tubes
  • Makeup Brushes
  • Eye-Liner Pencils

For questions regarding how to adopt our technology and utilize it as your new automated cosmetic packing manufacturing system, call one of our specialists at 1-800-639-5644 or email at