Automated Medical Product Assembly

The momentum of the medical device industry is increasing at a remarkable rate, but this progress has created a stumbling block for the industry’s manufacturers. Each day seems to bring a fresh new breakthrough in medical engineering; however most medical device manufacturers lack the flexible automation necessary to effectively accommodate such changes. For decades, the status quo for medical product development has revolved around rudimentary assembly systems that are designed to produce a single product at a slow speed. These systems are comprised of a fleet of mechanisms that are linked together and sit in wait for the slowest of the processes to be completed. This results in the machines spending the majority of the assembly process sitting in wait, wasting time, money, and resources that should be used to generate more product. The development engineers at Transformix questioned this conventional method and this challenged and inspired them to invent an industry-changing automated assembly system.

To respond to the manufacturing demands of the medical device industry, Transformix patented the game-changing CNCAssembly® technology that provides high-speed assembly process with the flexibility of of robotics. A reinvention of the continuous motion assembly systems that typically utilize dozens of tool-sets, CNCAssembly® makes it possible for there to be as few as one tool to achieve the same or greater outputs. CNCAssembly® enables quick-change tooling, allowing it to perform a wide range of operations in the manufacturing process as well accommodate product variants. It also enables fast changeovers, so systems can produce entirely new products with minimal downtime. Our patented Rapid Speed Matching® (RSM) technology electronically synchronizes the production process and allows for intelligent, continuous motion of the assembly to save time and amplify output. This naturally lends itself to automated medical product assembly, providing an easy way to produce the following:

  • Safety Syringes
  • Vials and Caps
  • Vacutainer
  • Finger Pulse Monitors
  • Oral Thermometers
  • IV Connectors
  • Child Proof Caps
  • Auto injectors
  • Catheters
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Inhalers
  • Filters
  • Medical Valves

For more information about how our CNC automated medical product assembly system can optimize your medical product development, contact a Transformix CNC professional at 1-800-639-5644 or email at