Automated Car Part Assembly

High volume output and product consistency are two chief standards that every industrial sector must meet, including the automotive production industry. These hefty expectations have created many challenges for the industrial sector that has long relied on assembly systems that lack the speed and flexibility to overcome them. These assembly machines typically run at speeds less than 60 parts per minute.  The platform is usually based on a traditional indexing motion platform where each assembly mechanism in the machine is completely dependent on the other’s progress. As they wait for their turn, the assembly devices sit idly for the majority of the production cycle, wasting money, resources, and valuable factory space. Over the last two decades, Transformix has been resolute over engineering a solution that resolves the careless disadvantages and problems of the conventional assembly process. The result is an innovative automated car part assembly system that digitalizes and synchronizes the production process to help manufacturers of automotive components and similar industries accomplish what was once thought impossible.

The demands on the auto part industry are rigid and ever increasing. In direct response to these production hurdles, Transformix has developed patented CNCAssembly® technology that completely changes the rules on how to carry out small part assembly. CNCAssembly® is a universal platform that uses robotics and quick-change tooling, which enables one assembly machine to be retooled to perform the production tasks of many conventional machines. This flexibility also gives manufacturers the ability to perform quick changeovers to easily accommodate product variants or switch to producing an entirely new product all together. The assembly system is flexible, works at high-speeds, and is totally streamlined and synchronized thanks to our Rapid Speed Matching® (RSM) technology. RSM intelligently increases efficiency and consolidates the production process, resulting in higher output volume, a smaller factory footprint, less non-value-added waste, and a greater uniformity. This technology is utilized in manufacturing plants across several industries, and it is proven to greatly increase internal efficiency, conserve resources, and meet stiff production demands. CNCAssembly® technology can benefit automotive production facilities that produce the following products:

  • Fluid Valves and connectors,
  • Electrical Switches and connectors
  • Interior and exterior Trim
  • Engine components
  • Mirrors, seat belts, hinges, and most automotive components that you could hold in one hand

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