Our Vision for Automated Assembly

RSM Disc with hypercentric lens

Transformix is bringing to automated assembly an unprecedented level of performance combined with an unprecedented level of standardization and versatility. Our ongoing development of CNCAssembly® is guided by the vision of making assembly more like other manufacturing processes such as injection molding and machining.

In both molding and machining, standard, multi-purpose, reconfigurable assets are used to make a wide range of different products. This contrasts sharply with assembly, which has always been characterized by highly-specialized, "one-off" machines that are dedicated to a given product and that often suffer from poor utilization rates.

With CNCAssembly®, however, assembly also enjoys the benefit of standard, flexible, and reconfigurable assets that are designed to run multiple products 24/7 with quick changeovers.

Injection molding press

machining center

CNCAssembly System