About Transformix

In an age when even the stalest, most entrenched companies in the stodgiest, most stagnant industries proudly boast of their “innovation,” how should we describe Transformix?

“Innovative” does not adequately describe the creativity, inventiveness, and refreshing boldness that permeate Transformix's culture and that are reflected in the solutions we bring to manufacturing automation.

For years, customers in industries as diverse as oil & gas, agriculture, nuclear energy, consumer goods, and telecommunications came to Transformix when they needed not simply a machine, but a game-changing breakthrough: In one case, an order-of-magnitude increase in output; in another, a factory-saving new process; in still another, first-ever technology for processing an organic product.

CNCAssembly System

Today, however, we are exclusively focused on CNCAssembly®, technology that industry experts have called the most important advance in automated assembly in 40 years. In a remarkably short period, we have taken CNCAssembly® from its origins in the specialized niche of "continuous motion" and developed it into a general solution for small-part assembly, in the process leapfrogging conventional assembly technologies and erasing the boundaries between them.  

And we’ve only just begun. We will continue our relentless drive to bring higher speed, efficiency, and performance to product assembly. We will continue to grow and expand internationally, serving our customers wherever they have their factories. And most importantly, we will fiercely maintain the passionate spirit and unorthodox thinking responsible for our success.