RSM Technology®

The essence of CNCAssembly® is Transformix's patented RSM (Rapid Speed Matching®) Technology. This technology manages and synchronizes multiple servo-motors to control the operations of the modular CNCAssembly® Engines and devices allowing them to capture, assemble and inspect parts at an astonishing rates with precision that outclasses standard continuous motion and indexing motion machines . This extraordinary automated assembly solution is engineered to dramatically enhance the efficiency of automated motions through increasing the RPM, eliminating non-value-added waste, and eliminating tooling by 80 -95%. The result is more output, less tooling, less floor space, less scrap, and simpler feed systems. Facilities across different industries already utilize RSM technology to optimize production efficiency at an unprecedented level. For more information about how this automated assembly solution can transform your manufacturing process, call or email a CNC assembly expert at Transformix. You can contact us at 1-800-639-5644 and