Coil SystemTube-Automation is a rapidly growing division of Transformix Engineering Inc., an internationally respected automation company making its mark for its innovative machine design, strong project management, and commitment to customer service.

Transformix's Tube-Automation group takes on projects involving very diverse products (tube, pipe, bar or cable) in any form (coiled or straight), any length, any diameter, and any material (metals, plastics, glass, rubber or wood). We can design and build custom machines, for the Tube & Pipe industry, that perform: Coiled Tube

  • Intelligent material handling,
  • Cutting-to-length, cutting-on-the-fly
  • Polishing, buffing, brushing
  • End-finishing, machining, deburring, tapping, drilling
  • Forming, bending, coiling, straightening
  • ID & OD cleaning,
  • Quality control, vision, hydrostatic, eddy current, ultrasonic testing
  • Auto-alignment and welding
  • Assembly of fittings

At Transformix, we listen to our clients and analyze their requirements, we then leverage our vast expertise in automation and our experience in the tube & pipe industry to design a machine that completely exceeds the project's requirements and specifications. We will never try to persuade a client to purchase an off-the-shelf catalogue type solution because that is all we have to offer. Nor will we try to modify an off-the-shelf catalogue product to become a this-should-do-it solution. You tell us what you need, we then design & build exactly what you asked for.

Whether you manufacture tubes, process tubes, or use tubes as part of a larger assembly, call on Transformix Engineering for your engineered automation.

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