February 2016: How It's Made TV show highlights Transformix's CNCAssemblyTM Technology

How It's Made

The popular television show “How It’s Made” will be kicking–off its 2016 season this month. The video featuring Transformix’s CNCAssemblyTM Technology has the honour of being the 1st segment of the 1st episode of this upcoming season.

Typically the show focus is on the process of manufacturing the “widgets” such as chewing gum, golf balls and other items found around your house. Documenting an assembly machine and the technologies that are used to manufacture “widgets” is a first for “How It’s Made” the show. It was a challenging task for the “How It’s Made” team to tell the story of such a state-of-the-art technology, considering the ages of the show’s audience range from 5 to 95 and the story had to be told in less than 6 minutes. It took them 2 days to shoot the video footage and countless hours of writing and rewriting to simplify the script.

The CNCAssemblyTM show premiers on the e Discovery Channel in Canada on Monday, February 22nd at 8:00pm EST.

 The US Premier is on the Science Channel Thursday, May 19th at 9:00pm EST.

Other US dates during the month of May are: the 20th at 12:02am, the 22nd at 11am and 6:30pm, the  23rd at 3:04am, the 30th at 8pm and 11:02pm. all times are EST.

The show is translated into 30 languages and will be broadcast in over 100 countries later this year.

January 2016: Singapore Grants Patent to Transformix for CNCAssemblyTM

Singapore has become the second country to issue a patent to Transformix for its CNCAssemblyTM technology. Canada granted Transformix a corresponding patent last month.

To date, Transformix has filed three different patent applications related to its CNCAssemblyTM technology under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT). These applications cover more than 70 claims. The patents issued by Singapore and Canada pertain to the first of these applications.

December 2015: Canada Grants Patent to Transformix for CNCAssemblyTM

Canada has become the first country to issue a patent to Transformix for its CNCAssemblyTM technology. Other countries are expected to follow suit.

The patent in question was filed under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) on November 17, 2013 and covers 42 claims, all of which were determined in the written opinion of the International Searching Authority to meet the criteria of Novelty, Inventive Step, and Industrial Applicability. This clear and unequivocal opinion is expected to result streamlined issuance of patents by individual countries and Europe.

To date, Transformix has filed three different PCT patent applications related to its CNCAssemblyTM technology, covering more than 70 claims, 95% of which have been judged as meeting the test of Novelty. The patent just issued by Canada pertains to the first of these applications.

December 2015: CNCAssemblyTM Featured by Rockwell Automation

Rockwell Automation has published a "Solutions in Action" article about CNCAssemblyTM, a piece that will be posted on Rockwell's web site and shared with their clients. Automation Solutions in Action - Dec 2015.pdf" target="_blank">Article...

Rockwell Solutions in Action


August 2015: Transformix CEO to Open Vancouver Island Economic Summit

Peng-Sang Cau, CEO of Transformix, will be the opening speaker at the 9th annual State of the Island Economic Summit on October 28 and 29. The conference is hosted by the Vancouver Island Economic Alliance. More

December 2014: "How It's Made" production crew completes filming of CNC AssemblyTM for broadcast on The Discovery Channel

Due to the game-changing advancements that CNCAssemblyTM technology is bringing to the world of assembly automation, the producers and technical advisors from "How It's Made" approached Transformix to document the revolutionary technology. 

The production crew from "How It's Made" just wrapped up two days of shooting at Transformix and the featured episode will be ready to air in mid to late 2015. We'll keep you posted on the show times when they become available. 

November 2014: Transformix CEO accompanies Prime Minister Harper to China.

Peng-Sang Cau, CEO of Transformix, accompanied Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper on his recent trade mission to China. This was the second foreign trade mission this year that Peng attended as part of the Prime Minister's delegation, the first taking place in The Netherlands in March.

PM Harper and Peng-Sang Cau   

October 2014: Transformix CEO profiled in The Globe and Mail.


Peng-Sang Cau, CEO of Transformix, is profiled in The Globe and Mail, one of Canada's top newspapers. The article covers Ms. Cau's extraordinary personal story, tracing her journey from Cambodian refugee to the entrepreneurial head of one of Canada's most innovative companies. It also presents Peng's views on the importance of manufacturing to a country's overall economic health.   

September 2014: Transformix to expand its operations at its Gardiners Road facility.

Transformix is pleased to announce that its CNC Assembly™ Technology is gaining tremendous traction in its US and European markets. As a result, the company is expanding its manufacturing and consolidating all operations to its Plant 2 location at 1150 Gardiners Road in Kingston.  Media Release can be found here.  

September 2014: Transformix CEO to be keynote speaker at trade policy conference

Peng-Sang Cau, CEO of Transformix, will be the keynote speaker at the Sixth Annual Queen's Institute on Trade Policy on October 27, 2014.  

The Queen's Institute on Trade Policy is a 4-day course intended for mid-level government officials who already have some experience with the basics of trade policy and negotiations. Its purpose is to help a new generation of federal, provincial and territorial trade policy practitioners to acquire the skills and perspectives needed to develop trade negotiation strategies. More information can be found here.  

August 2014: CNC AssemblyTM to be featured on The Discovery Channel show, "How It's Made."

"How It's Made," The Discovery Channel's long running and highly popular television show, plans to highlight Transformix's CNC AssemblyTM technology in a future episode. Production is scheduled to start in late November 2014. 

As you can imagine, "How It's Made" is a big favorite among Transformix's engineers and technical staff, so we're thrilled and honored by the show's interest in CNC AssemblyTM. We'll keep you posted of more details as they become available! 

August 2014: Transformix Vice President to be a featured speaker at The Assembly Show.

Larry Allingham, Vice President of Operations at Transformix, will be a featured speaker at The Assembly Show, North America's principal annual exhibition of assembly technology.  

Larry's presentation, entitled "CNC AssemblyTM: A Unique Combination of Speed and Flexiblity," is scheduled for October 29, 2014 at 2:00 PM.  

The Assembly Show takes place in Rosemont, Illinois from October 28-30, 2014. More information can be found here.

June 2014: Medical Design Briefs magazine selects CNC AssemblyTM as a finalist for 2014 Product of the Year.

CNC AssemblyTM technology has been selected by Medical Design Briefs magazine as a finalist for its 2014 Product of the Year, citing "its outstanding technical merit and practical value to the magazine's 40,000 engineering and scientific readers."


March 2014: Transformix CEO joins Canadian Prime Minister as Part of European Trade Mission

Peng Cau with Prime Minster Harper

Peng-Sang Cau, the President and CEO of Transformix, was honored to be part of a delegation of Canadian business leaders selected by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to accompany him on his recent trade mission to The Netherlands.

Transformix is intensively developing business in Europe, so this trade mission was an outstanding opportunity for Ms. Cau to make contacts and build relations with Dutch business executives.

To view a video summary please Click Here.

February 2014: Medical Design Briefs magazine selects CNC AssemblyTM as its product of the month

Medical Design Brief

CNC Assembly technology has been selected by Medical Design Briefs magazine as its product of the month for February and is now in the running for Product of the year.

...CNC Assembly responds to manufacturers’ need to get more productivity and versatility from their production equipment.

...Just like CNC machining centers, CNC Assembly machines are general-purpose tools that can be configured and programmed to run a wide range of products.

To view article please Click Here.

January 2014: Assembly Magazine | Servos Revolutionize High-Speed Assembly

Assembly Magazine: Transformix Servos Revolutionize High-Speed Assembly

When Transformix was asked to design a standard, cam-driven continuous motion assembly system for a consumer product, the company’s engineers questioned some basic assumptions about the technology:

  • Why do continuous motion assembly systems need to have so much tooling?
  • Why can’t continuous motion dials turn faster than 15 to 30 rpm?
  • Are cams really necessary?
  • Could the tooling be programmable?

Their answers to these questions led to CNC Assembly, a new automated assembly platform that combines the speed of continuous motion assembly systems with the flexibility of robots.

“Manufacturing plants demand greater output per unit of time and space,” says Ken Nicholson, director of technology at Transformix. “These objectives have been tough to achieve with assembly machines, since they are typically customized to specific products. This means companies usually have relatively low speed, specialized machines spread across their factories, consuming a lot of expensive floor space.

“If they do install high-speed machines, they are invariably for high-volume, long-running products, since high rates have always been incompatible with flexibility and adaptability. Our goal in developing CNC Assembly was to give manufacturers a standard machine that could run at high rates—200 to 600 parts per minute—but that also had the quick-change versatility to run a range of different products.”

To view article please Click Here. Registration is required.

January 2013: Peng-Sang Cau speaks at the Diversity Works Symposium.

Peng-Sang Cau, President and CEO of Transformix, speaks at the Diversity Works Symposium in Kingston, Ontario, discussing her experience as a Canadian immigrant and entrepreneur. Article...

January 2013: Entrepreneurship more important than innovation.

When the four founders of Transformix Engineering Inc. decided to make Kingston its headquarters, it wasn’t because they called the city home for four years while studying at Queen’s University.. Article...

April 2013: Premier of Ontario Visits Transformix

Kathleen Wynne, the Premier of the Canadian province of Ontario, visited Transformix and received a first-hand view of the company's new CNC Assembly™ technology. Video...


February 2013: Canada's First Man in Space Visits Transformix

Marc Garneau, the first Canadian astronaut in outer space and current candidate for leadership of the Liberal Party, visits Transformix. Article...

Marc Garneau

Janeiro de 2013: Peng-Sang Cau fala no Simpósio Diversity Works.

Peng-Sang Cau, Presidente e CEO da Transformix, fala no Simpósio Diversity Works em Kingston, Ontário, sobre sua experiência como imigrante canadense e empreendedora. Artigo...

Janeiro de 2013: O empreendedorismo é mais importante do que a inovação.

Quando os quatro fundadores da Transformix Engineering Inc. escolheram sediar a empresa em Kingston, não foi porque chamavam a cidade de lar durante os quatro anos de graduação na Queen’s University. Artigo...

Abril de 2013: A premier de Ontário visita a Transformix

Kathleen Wynne, a Premier da província canadense de Ontário, visitou a Transformix e viu com os próprios olhos a nova tecnologia CNC Assembly™ da empresa Vídeo...


Fevereiro de 2013: O primeiro astronauta canadense no espaço visita a Transformix

Marc Garneau, o primeiro astronauta canadense a ir ao espaço exterior e candidato atual à liderança do partido liberal, visita a Transformix. Artigo...

Marc Garneau

Janeiro de 2012: Fundadores da Transformix reconhecidos pela inovação e capacidade de invenção

Peng-Sang Cau, Ken Nicholson, Martin Smith e Richard Zakrzewski são reconhecidos pela Queen's University Alumni Review por seu sucesso empresarial com a Transformix. Artigo...

Agosto de 2012: Entendendo a automação industrial | A revolução do movimento contínuo

O movimento contínuo, a arte de montar peças sem interrupção de movimento em uma máquina de porta-peças rotativo, tem sido tradicionalmente limitado 1) pela capacidade de se introduzirem peças no porta-peças a uma velocidade que permita a transferência suave das peças, e 2) pelo espaço necessário para as ferramentas de montagem. Artigo...

Outubro de 2012: A Transformix irá fabricar a tecnologia AscepticSure da Medizone International

As duas empresas anunciaram o acordo por meio do qual a Transformix fabricará a tecnologia de desinfecção hospitalar, AscepticSure, da Medizone. Artigo...


Novembro de 2012: CEO da Transformix recebe honras como uma mulher líder em negócios

Criada em Regina, Peng-Sang Cau ouvia as histórias que seus pais, Tan Shu Tien e Mea Nee Cau, lhe contavam, e a seus irmãos, sobre suas vidas no Camboja, onde eles iniciaram e construíram um próspero negócio de fabricação de bicicletas. Artigo...

Dezembro de 2012: Kingston Whig Standard | Novo aliado na guerra contra os germes

O sistema AsepticSure, desenvolvido pelos doutores Michael Shannon e Dick Zoutman nas instalações do Innovation Park, é concebido para esterilizar uma sala, matando todas as bactérias e patógenos que causam infeções prejudiciais e até a morte. Artigo...

2012: Kingston em perspectiva: Transformix Engineering: Uma empresa que vai além dos seus horizontes

A Transformix, um dos principais fornecedores de sistemas e produtos de automação de fábricas, que atende uma clientela internacional de empresas de manufatura em diversos setores industriais, é definitivamente uma história de sucesso de Kingston. Artigo...


22012: Queen's University Alumni Review | Transformix Engineering, qual a sua história

A Transformix Engineering continua comprovando que é possível crescer mundialmente a partir de Kingston. A sede em Kingston permite uma presença internacional excelente, acesso a pesquisadores inovadores e a novos talentos brilhantes. Artigo...

Junho de 2011: The Globe and Mail | Fabricantes canadenses encontram um nicho fornecendo inteligência

A Transformix recebe notoriedade por ser uma fabricante canadense inovadora que reage rapidamente aos mercados mundiais. Artigo...

Junho de 2011: The Globe and Mail | Quociente de inteligência: O novo lugar do Canadá na cadeia de suprimentos mundial

Para as empresas canadenses, conquistar fatias de mercado significa criar valor. Aqui está uma visão de como a Transformix Engineering, sediada em Kingston, consegue isso, ao mesmo tempo em que lida com um projeto importante: a construção de uma máquina de alta velocidade para montagem de uma válvula de 4 peças a ser usada na indústria de refrigerantes. Artigo...

Março de 2011: The Globe and Mail | A cidades vivem melhor quando buscam o céu

O dólar canadense alcança seu terceiro ano consecutivo em alta. Mas, isso não é um desastre. Embora a moeda forte seja um obstáculo ao crescimento econômico, as empresas e os consumidores estão se adaptando à vida com uma balança cambial desfavorável, enquanto oram para que o dólar canadense não mude de valor muito rápido. Artigo...

Março de 2011: The Globe and Mail | A avaliação de riscos é crucial para o crescimento em outros países

Pequenas empresas que pensam em expandir seus negócios no exterior deveriam ser perdoadas por ficarem receosas após assistirem ao surgimento de revoltas que se elastram da Tunísia ao Egito, para a Líbia e além. Artigo...

Dezembro de 2011: O Herold de Kingston | Subsídios provinciais criam novos empregos em Kingston na Transformix Engineering Inc.

O governo de Ontário está ajudando a criar 20 novos empregos de tempo integral e a reter 80 profissionais altamente capacitados na Transformix Engineering Inc, em Kingston. Artigo...

Dezembro de 2011: Novo auxílio a empresa de manufatura cria 20 empregos - Governo de McGuinty promove o crescimento econômico

A província auxilia a Transformix Engineering Inc. com um subsídio de $177.678 dólares canadenses, provenientes do Eastern Ontario Development Fund (Fundo para o Desenvolvimento do Leste de Ontário). Com este subsídio, a empresa irá comprar e instalar mais máquinas para a construção de equipamentos maiores e mais complexos destinados a empresas de manufatura multinacionais. A expansão permitirá que a Transformix atenda melhor seus clientes, aumente a competitividade e mantenha sua liderança em sistemas e produtos para automação de manufatura. Artigo...

Agosto de 2010: Kingston Whig Standard | Empresa tem um lado criativo

Se a Transformix Engineering precisar um dia fazer propaganda, talvez deva emprestar o slogan do livro de W.P. Kinsella, Shoeless Joe (Joe descalço), ou de seu primo mais popular, o filme de Kevin Costner, Field of Dreams (O campo dos sonhos). Artigo...

Empresa local com talento global

Muitos imigrantes e refugiados passaram por numerosas dificuldades para chegar até onde chegaram, aqui. Para eles, ser empreendedor no Canadá é muito mais fácil do que tudo o que tiveram que passar em seus países, até chegarem ao Canadá. Artigo...

Dezembro de 2010: O governo canadense dá destaque à Transformix pela criação de empregos

O honorável Gary Goodyear, Ministro do Estado da Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario, Agência Federal de Desenvolvimento Econômico do Sul de Ontário) celebra o progresso realizado em um projeto inovador da Transformix Engineering, que criou empregos locais e está ajudando a empresa a diversificar seus negócios. Artigo...

Dezembro de 2010: Kingston Whig Standard | A empresa obtém $2,2 milhões

O Ministro do Estado da Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (Agência Federal de Desenvolvimento Econômico do Sul de Ontário) esteve na Transformix Engineering, na Railway Street, na última terça-feira, para anunciar um subsídio federal de $2.233.960, proveniente do Community Adjustment Fund (Fundo de Ajuste Comunitário). Artigo...

Dezembro de 2010: Kingston Herald | Empresa de pesquisa de biocombustível reconhecida pelo Ministro do Estado

O honorável Gary Goodyear, Ministro do Estado da Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario, Agência Federal de Desenvolvimento Econômico do Sul de Ontário) esteve em Kingston hoje para celebrar o progresso realizado em um projeto inovador da Transformix Engineering, que criou empregos locais e está ajudando a empresa a diversificar seus negócios. Artigo...

Fevereiro de 2009: O impacto de estratégias eficazes de ICT em empresas de fabricação de pequeno e médio porte

A Transformix Engineering foi fundada em 1995, e tenho três outros sócios, todos engenheiros e ex-alunos da Universidade Queen. Começamos como uma empresa de engenharia que oferecia serviços de desenvolvimento de produtos para outras pessoas. . Artigo...

Abril de 2008: A Rockwell Automation destaca a Transformix

A Rockwell Automation publica um estudo de caso sobre o uso sofisticado que a Transformix fez da tecnologia de controle em uma máquina de limpeza de tubos personalizada. Artigo...

Maio de 2007: Transformix, destaque na revista Backbone

Doug Cooper da Intel do Canada cita a Transformix como exemplo de uma empresa que "cria vantagem competitiva" ao "transformar conhecimento adquirido com esforço em inovações, produtos melhores e uma compreensão melhor do cliente." Artigo...

Dezembro de 2006: A Intel publica um estudo de caso sobre a Transformix

A Intel Corporation publica um caso de estudo que documenta como a Transformix usa a tecnologia da informação para transformar o setor de automação. Artigo...