sns mainContinuous Motion is a classic high-speed assembly technology used in high-volume production industries such as disposable medical devices, personal care products, and dispensing systems.

Transformix is a leading specialist in Continuous Motion, successfully expanding this technology to industries and companies that had not previously employed it. 

Transformix high-speed Continuous Motion machines can fit applications requiring rates of 1000 parts per minute or more. But they can also be economically used for applications requiring rates as low as 30 parts per minute.

motionHistorically, the high rates of Continuous Motion have required a lot of tooling on the assembly "dials." This remains true for our competitors. But thanks to our revolutionary new CNC Assembly™ technology (patents pending), Transformix now provides Continuous Motion at a given rate with 80-95% less tooling. Moreover, these rates are achievable with programmable, servo-controlled tooling, resulting in machines that combine the best features of Continuous Motion with the flexibility of robotics.  Learn more...