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Transformix applies ingenuity and a "can do" attitude to automate operations that are seemingly impossible. As an example, through R&D and prototyping we designed a system to feed a part that 12 leading bowl builders declined to touch. The client turned to us because of our reputation for thinking outside the box -- or in this case "outside the bowl." Transformix developed a vertical bulk feeding system using multiple feed tracks, gravity, air and a servo-driven pick-off system to successfully feed and orient the difficult part into one of our continuous motion assembly machines. Nothing like it exists -- anywhere.

Please contact the Transformix Applications Department to discuss your plant requirements and we'll work with you to develop a solution.


"Transformix was determined that the project would be successfully completed and meet all our requirements. They worked with us from the outset to determine our needs and design the best solution." Project engineer, 3M Company

"Transformix has been very responsive to our needs and changing requirements. They have taken on and successfully completed projects which other firms declined to attempt." Manager Engineering Services, Pfizer Global Manufacturing

"We found the Project Team to be very practical and fully aware of plant related issues. The final design was well engineered with startup time kept to a minimum." Plant Manager, Lipton Monarch PMG

"We were pleased with Transformix's thoroughness in understanding and meeting our needs. We would not hesitate in recommending Transformix to organizations looking for unique but practical automation solutions." Senior Project Engineer, Mobil Chemical

"We consider Transformix an extension of our engineering department. They supply us with top quality, custom designed machines that always meet specifications. They do it on time, for the price they quoted and with a high-level of professionalism." Project Manager, DuPont Our Partners