Quality control sets Transformix apart. It's hard to find an automation company that really understands quality control; it is equally difficult to find a quality control company that fully understands your automation needs. At Transformix we excel at both.

Transformix's reliable quality control means less scrap, fewer machine stoppages and fewer uncomfortable phone calls from your clients.

In today's manufacturing world there is no room for substandard parts. At Transformix we employ the most stringent standards as used by the pharmaceutical industry. That means we assume all parts are to be rejected until proven otherwise.

In addition to designing and implementing our own custom quality control solutions we also integrate into our designs proven off-the-shelf technologies. For example:

  • vision systems
  • color detection
  • leak detection
  • laser gauging
  • thread checking
  • go/No go

A quality control system can be a stand-alone machine—built solely for the purpose of quality control—or integrated into a continuous motion or indexing motion platform.

Please contact the Transformix Applications Department to discuss your plant requirements and we'll work with you to develop a solution.