How It's Made

Typically How It's Made focuses is on the process of manufacturing the “widgets” such as chewing gum, golf balls, toasters and other items found around your house. Documenting an assembly machine and the technologies that are used to manufacture “widgets” is a first for the “How It’s Made” show. It was a challenging task for the “How It’s Made” team to tell the story of such a state-of-the-art technology, considering the ages of the show’s audience range from 5 to 95 and the story had to be told in less than 6 minutes. It took the team 2 days to shoot the video footage back in December of 2014 and countless hours of writing and rewriting to simplify the script.

The machine in the video is representative of one of the earliest versions of the technology, as it was being developed back in 2013. Please visit the Videos Page to see examples of our newest models of CNCAssembly® Technology.

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