CNCAssembly®: Automated Assembly Systems

CNCAssembly® is extraordinary technology, bringing to automated assembly an unprecedented level of performance, flexibility, and standardization. Gone are the days of conventional assembly lines tailored for manufacturing a single product at a single speed. Transformix has built a better mousetrap. Our flexible assembly system intelligently synchronizes the manufacturing process to dramatically increase plant efficiency and decrease wasted time, space, and resources.

CNCAssembly® automated production systems are configurable, multi-purpose assets designed to run a wide range of products at high rates with rapid and cost-effective changeovers. The result of this flexible assembly system is a rich set of features and benefits including:

  • High Output
  • 24/7 Utilization
  • Quick-change Flexibility
  • Wide Acceptance of Product Variants
  • Product Consistency
  • Faster RPM
  • Reconfigurable & Redeployable
  • Compact Machinery Footprint
  • 80%-95% Less Tooling
  • Add future products easily at low cost
  • Easier Troubleshooting & Maintenance
  • Energy Efficiency

This boundary-breaking technology is supported by the Transformix team of engineering standouts who have continued to push the limits of innovation for over twenty years. To contact a professional and discuss how our automated production system can maximize the efficiency of your facility, please call 1-800-639-5644 or email at